What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is a mathematical calculation and mechanism to issue new Bitcoin by special software.

How can I register with this website?

There is no need to register with this site. If you have Bitcoin address then only enter BTC address on the home page and click the start button and enjoy mining.

Is Minestore is the real/Ponzi scheme?

Thanks to our developer to make an algorithm for mining Bitcoin. Minestore is a real and if you want to see payment proof then go to payouts page.

Are there any joining fees or yearly fees for mining?

No, it is free for all but if you like to earn more than packages are available.

Is there any maintenance fees?

Our data centres are located worldwide so, we have to maintain the data centres for your profit and security for that we take 0.001 BTC maintenance fees.

If my question is not in this list what should I do?

Please if you have any extra question regarding this site then you can mail us at: admin@minestore.io

What is the withdrawal process and are there any charges for withdrawal?

The process of withdrawal is very simple just go to the personal account page and click on withdraw button but the minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.005 BTC and 0.0002 BTC is applied as a withdrawal charge.

In how much time I will get my withdrawal?

Withdrawals are always very speedily but if any problem occurs then it will take up to 24 hours. So, you don`t worry about that as you will be always get paid.

What is an affiliate program and how it is beneficial?

It is an opportunity to earn extra income rather than mining income. If a member shares their referral link to other people across the world which is available in your account then a member will earn 5% commission from the active deposit of people who join Minestore with member’s referral link.

Is there any investment required to start an affiliate program?

No, Investment is not required to earn 5% commission but if you would like to become an agent of this site and earn 10% commission so, you have 1 BTC in your active deposit.

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